Vicious Pink
West View
Minimal Wave
Glossy sleeve, 12-page LP-sized booklet, edition of 500 copies
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11Cccan't You See
2My Private Tokyo 12"
48:15 to Nowhere
5Why Me
6My Man And Me
7Baby It's Too Late
8Blue (World Of Blue)
21Why Me (demo)
28:15 to Nowhere (demo)
3Baby it's too late (demo)
4Fetish (demo)
5In The Swim (demo)
6Ask Me To Stay 12
7Face hugger (21st Century 80s)
8Eyes That Smile

Minimal Wave presents West View, a double LP of rare demos and newly remastered classics by UK duo Vicious Pink. Vicious Pink was an electrifying synth-pop duo formed by Josephine Warden and Brian Moss, who met in a smokey Leeds nightclub in 1981. The pair formed their band Vicious Pink Phenomena and soon after went on to provide gloriously off-kilter backing vocals for their friends, Soft Cell, completely unrehearsed. Later, they dropped Phenomena to simplify their name. Between 1982 and 1986, they released seven singles that all reached the UK dance charts, despite the fact that their ambitions never lay in commercial success. To this day, their music remains artful, catchy, and provocative.

West View compiles material from their early days together, featuring previously unreleased demos as well as newly remastered classics like Cccan’t You See and My Private Tokyo. The double LP is housed in a glossy heavyweight sleeve, accompanied by a 12-page LP-sized booklet featuring the duo’s entire ‘how it happened’ story, unpublished lyrics, and unpublished photos from those early years. The double LP is limited to 999 copies, half the pressing is on neon pink 160-gram vinyl the other half on 160-gram black vinyl.