EP (neon green)
CITI 029
Edition of 999 copies, 160g vinyl
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3Chapel Perilous

Cititrax presents a highly anticipated 12” from An-i, the musical moniker for Berlin-based Korean American Doug Lee. Doug has been DJing and producing records for two decades under various aliases and collaborations. The ‘Rabble’ EP will be the third release for An-i, and the first one since Gutz in 2015. The return of An-i has found him in even more brazen territory than on previous releases. He moves between musicality and chaos while remaining intriguing throughout – a testament to his uniqueness and integrity. The opener, ‘Rabble’, tonally crude and menacing, backed with a relentless primitive machine rhythm and a psychotic vocal parodying mob mentality, points at the absurdity of take-down culture. ‘Rubble’ follows, a mighty stripped-down instrumental dub. The flip, ‘Chapel Perilous’, is a wandering spaced-out journey into the psyche. It reflects on loss and ultimately freedom from one’s ego identity, meandering an uncertain path that results in a spiritual epiphany. “When I am nothing, everything is me”…

An-i’s Rabble EP is pressed on 160g neon green vinyl and housed in a high gloss black and white sleeve featuring ink brush painting by the artist.