By The Sea
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1At The Seashore 29:04
2To Forget Everything 31:42

A work about creation, loss and recollections, yolabmiʼs latest album ‘By The Seaʼ shares allot of common elements with its spiritual predecessor, ‘Life In A Shellʼ, which was released in 2019. Both albums are presented via two longform sound collages, and each can be viewed as an explorative confrontation with the artists own past, one defined by a mainly tranquil childhood growing by the sea, and while this harmonious spell took on a precarious turn through a traumatic experience of near drowning, yolabmi nevertheless proclaims that the sea still has a calming effect on him to this day, and while he now resides in Tokyo, the undercurrents of his past continue to serve as his main creative stimulus when he composes music.

The work on ‘By The Seaʼ comes across as nuanced and reflective, yet explorative and detailed, it sprawls with ideas and never comes across as cluttered. yolabmiʼs patchwork of sounds are defined by a contrasting spectrum of natural hums and analogue squelches, though rather than coming across as conflicting, they move in and out of each other fluidly, almost organically.

As the album draws to a close, the experience feels like the conclusion of a deeply contemplative interrogation with oneʼs own past, highlighting that ‘By The Seaʼ is as much about remembering, as it is about letting go.