Randolph & Mortimer
The Incomplete Truth
Mecanica Records
Edition of 350 copies, incl. insert
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2The Incomplete Truth
5Everything Was Forever
6Dream Hack
7Flesh style
8Becoming Inoperative

Second full-length album by Sheffield-based project Randolph & Mortimer. An 8-track 40-minute-long sonic and emotional journey heavily influenced by 80’s propaganda and the parallels we face today involving politics, religion & conspiracy theories. Created half by machines and half by the mind of Sam Evans, “The Incomplete Truth” clings to the same roots that catapulted R&M to the forefront of the techno-EBM-industrial scene with their debut album “Manifesto for A Modern World” (2019) but takes this new work to a higher level in terms of composition and production. Born in the wake of depression resulting from a terrifying near-death experience in the workplace, Sam conceived this album as a live setlist from some alternate reality free of everyday working. Every track is a potential success and includes collaborations with artists like Andi, Neu-Romancer, Black Dahlia and Dominique Slva.