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1when jesus says yes, nobody can say no
2care about us
3u got this
4another dust
6reveal itself
7needed and saved
9understand our tracks
11west end vs warri

Klein's 2021 album »Frozen«, now on vinyl.

"Haunting sketches from a one-of-a-kind artist."That song there—not gonna lie, that's a smash hit... borderline superstar," says a voice emerging from a fog of wildly pitch-bent noise at the end of "care bout us." It's a wry bit of humour from an artist whose music is boldly experimental yet unafraid to joke around, interpolating Foo Fighters and snippets of giggly conversation. The quote is also kind of true. Over the last few years, Klein has emerged as the poster-child of an experimental London scene that explodes R&B into unrecognizable forms, as her early music evolved from alt-pop to something more like musique concrète.

Frozen, released on her Bandcamp in the middle of the night (like she used to do with her early records), is Klein's most tantalizing record, full of aimless guitar strums, extended drones and haunting vocal passages. The songs don't coalesce so much as hang in the air, like a spectral presence in the room." (Resident Advisor)