Trains & Attitude
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keplar 013
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1Recapture 3:48
2You Said: Come On, Baby, Let's Rise Above This Stupid Language 3:55
3Distance 4:59
4Trains & Attitude 5:06
5This Noise Is A Language 5:01
6Dirty Tricks 2:38
7Wasted Stones 4:04
8A Plan Of Action 5:36
9Remove From List 3:19
10Ohh No! The Calculation Is Wrong 4:24

trains & attitide is the first solo album by andreas kurz aka washer. different from "eat your friends" (keplar 010), the current cd of the band project "washer, zimmer & the guitar people", beats are in centre instead of migty drones and whirring ambient spheres. "trains and attitude" sounds as if someone had his fling and had invested a lot of energy into a huge amount of ideas without thinking too much about genres and stuff. in spite of several breaks which are going through the album and also through single track this energy is transfered directly to the dancing leg. the reason for this might be the way the album has emerged. as in contrast to the other productions in which andreas kurz was involved so far (_radio magenta/washer, zimmer & the guitar people), a cut off working place wasn't the only location where the tracks were developed. experimenting with sound and rhythm has been expended on stage. the live-sets had to prove theirselves in front of a party audience on the carpet of an abandoned flat as well as in front of an expert audience at the ars electronica. it seems that finally the most forthcoming arrangements and the most talkactive sounds came out on top and were then produced very detailed. so drum samples which sound like band rooms of our youths stand next to several completely knarzed discoveries of sound sources which are familiar to us and also next to difficultly modulated sound landscapes. on four of the ten tracks there are also vocals. two of them were sung and written by karin fisslthaler aka cherry sunkist. karin fisslthaler, who is performing with her brilliant solo project "cherry sunkist" since 2003 and who is working on her first album at the moment, with analog instruments, electric guitar and computer. the collorboration happened through shared live gigs. the cover was made by the fine artist and illustrator ben ross aka daft frank who already did the cover for "eat your friends". file under: ABSURD GLITCH-POP-TECHNO-SMASHER