Ground and Figure
Editions Mego
eMego232V / Includes Download Code
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1002 Archiefkwestie 10:20
2Porter Swiss 5:22
3Apopads 5:55
4Perfect Boulevard Exclusive 4:42
5Liveable Beams 5:03
6Uit De Kluis 01 1:42
7W180215Yves-PVH-R 3:09
8Model Unit 5:22
9Punctual Sleepy Soft Power 3:26
10003 Archiefkwestie 5:50

Editions Mego publish the third release by Sendai. Comprised of Peter van Hoesen and Yves de Mey, Ground and Figure presents the duo reside in a more economic framework which allows the sound and rhythm they produce more room to shift, swirl and swim the circumference of the audio spectrum. Moving away from the twitchiness and anxiety of the earlier output Ground and Figure is a vast spacious journey from a duo in full control of their chosen path.

Throughout Ground and Figure abstraction and rhythm weave amongst each other in such a sly manner that the resulting tension in the conflicting elements presents the listener with a hypothetical high-tech elastic percussive grid. A thudding, pulsating, shapeshifting ambient beast is summoned by these two creators working as one.

This is machine music. This is hypnotic disorientation. This is an immense ambitious and refined world of sound and rhythm. This is the work of two producers who continuously try to top up their skills.