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1Le Flot De Ces Mots
2De Ma Tour
3Je Te Tiens Tu Me Tiens
4Au Rythme De Lennui
5Six Pouces
6Holly Mother
7Dans Loregon (Feat. Low Bat)
9Valse Pour Un Con
10Daya (Feat. Low Bat)
11Holly Ama

Reymour packed their bags in the pre-Alps of Switzerland and left to start a new life in Bruxelles. This debut album finds originates in this transition, again in a bilingual environment, by now a Knekelhuis theme. Leviosa documents the emergence of a kind of dance built from chansons, synthpop and cute minimal wave. Luc Bersier’s wide musical spectrum reaches great heights while staying small. He creates the musical bedrock on which Reymour’s cabinet of musical curiosities rests, allowing us to drift away on the unctuous fumes of Lou’s vocals. On these tracks she covers a wide array of feelings, of doubt, sexual orientation, play and melancholia. And it all comes together in the reflection of life. Close friend and family guy Low Bat contributes vocals and gameplay on 2 of the album’s tracks.