Wayne Phoenix
Soaring Wayne Phoenix Story The Earth
Halcyon Veil
Includes Instant Download
LP (color)
One-sided yellow vinyl, edition of 300 copies
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1Mood 1:37
2Alone 1:10
3Place 1:46
4Home 1:03
5...And Sleepless Skies 0:28
6Burn False Messages 2:48
7I Gave You Power 3:22
8Reserve 3:05
9Death Is Pure Objectivity 1:50

Bit of an enigma this one, the debut release - a decade in the making - from an artist about which we know very little. Soaring Wayne Phoenix Story The Earth is a fascinatingly intimate yet elusive record honed over years by a trained pianist recording a kind of all-encompassing audio diary that reminds us of everything from Klein to Burial, to RZA’s incredible Ghost Dog OST.

After marinading in the archive while trends passed by, the fleeting stop/start collage of honest humility and ephemeral thoughts in ’Story The Earth’ resembles a time capsule of a former, or parallel, self; one the artist is only now at ease to come terms with. Vacillating moments of profound lucidity and penetrative pangs of anxiety, Wayne lays his soul bare in that most vulnerable way that can sometimes lead to great art, and finds himself in solid, empathetic company among Halcyon Veil’s sensitively intuitive spirits such as Myslma, Mhysa and of course, Rabit.

One of those debuts that feels uncannily familiar on the first encounter, the album dredges a remarkable and unshakeable depth of feeling and human insight via its mazy tile of vignettes, drifting from softly textured, deep blue witching hour logic to more grizzled, Tricky-esque realisations and glossolalic expressions that practically, poetically say as much as his legible lyrics. In between, pockets of fractured music box melody and sorely textured beats flower and weed in the gaps, sounding something like RZA’s ‘Ghost Dog’ OST adapted from dilapidated NYC rooftops to the same drizzly London streets inhabited by Burial, Klein and Mica Levi.

Maybe best of all though, there’s very little pretence to this record. It simply sounds like the artist is working out their feelings thru music in an exposed, genuine way that doesn’t matter if nobody else ever hears it. But here we are, and Wayne Phoenix’s frayed, dreamlike tapestry of self reflections are set to become part of our contemporary consciousness in 2020.