Maxwell Sterling
Turn Of Phrase
AD 93
Pre-Order: Available on / around Apr 16th 2021
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Turn of Phrase is rooted in place and bound by time, yet is simultaneously unstuck in both of these things. The record spans a range of locales; the remote coastal town of Morecambe and its harshly beautiful surroundings, the technicolour glamour of the heart of LA, and London - a city whose maze of contrasting environments and tunnel-visioned bustle offers a totally blank slate.

The music however is anachronistic, technically guided by a strict set of rules based in time, the record’s memories and environments are allowed to wander and overlap. The familiar and the personal swirl and collide within an unfamiliar soundscape. The result acts something like a decaying memory, brief shining moments of clarity fighting against something unclear and untethered.

Artwork designed by Nicola Tirabasso. Mastered by Rashad Becker.


  1. Eris
  2. Turn of Phrase
  3. Rage Aria
  4. Decay Time
  5. Exuding Latex
  6. Speaking in the Tongues of Angels
  7. Tremble Happy
  8. 2nd Person Chamber Music
  9. Tenderness feat. Leslie Winer
  10. SumUp