Roberto Musci, Giovanni Venosta, Massimo Mariani
Losing The Orthodox Path
LP (color)
Ltd. to 300 copies, blue transparent vinyl
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1Broken Oxygen 3:20
2La Morra 7:11
3Blue 6:25
4The Advente Of Rose 6:03
5Ou Est Ti 4:00
6Hi Sunt Leones 10:42
7Contra'l Rai 5:42
8Barons 1:39

How does one describe such a supremely crafted tapestry of sound and composition when there is such a rich canvas of details to appreciate it? As a homage to ancient music, Musci, Venosta and Mariani blend a powerful undercurrent of otherwordly intrigue and mysticism throughout their structures, resulting in an emotionally engaging experience unlike any other CD recording I’ve encountered. Most of the real-time playing is placed alongside and distinctly from the computer world, creating both a stimulating, dynamic and crossover references. There is much originality to reward both close and repeat listenings. This isn’t jazz, nor improvised; in their words, “Losing the orthodox path” is an homage to ancient music, but through an electro-acoustic approach. Our jazz and/or rock souls do the rest” - Michael King

ROBERTO MUSCI - sampler, prepared electric guitar, tapes, CD player, treatments, synthesizer, rain-stick GIOVANNI VENOSTA - prepared piano, organ, spinet, voice, ocarina, mouth, percussion, jew’s harp, sampler, synthesizer, tubes, digital percussion, pandaa (zither from Burkina Faso) MASSIMO MARIANI - digital treatments & FX, voix, electronics, electric guitar, detuned acoustic guitar, harmonica, mouth, tapes, digital glockenspiel, mandolin, double bass, sampler, valiha (zither from Madagascar)

Sandro Cerino - baritone, soprano & alto saxophones, contrabass clarinet Moni Ovadia - Greek chant Silvia Mandolini - violin Roberto Zanisi - darbukas Ciaccio De Rossi - violin Cesare Picco - fake muted trumpet sound produced using mouth Liliana Bancolini - voice / Laura Pone - voice / Amelie Gerson - voice & flute / Didier Aschour - voice