Dark Dark Dark
Wild Go
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1In Your Dreams 3:20
2Daydreaming 4:48
3Heavy Heart 3:28
4Celebrate 3:19
5Nobody Knows 2:45
6Something For Myself 4:52
7Right Path 2:39
8Robert 4:18
9Say The Word 4:01
10Wild Go 4:40

Minneapolis based chamber-folk sextet Dark Dark Dark revel in the wonder that is around us always. On their breathtaking sophomore album Wild Go, the band has created a stirring reminder to seek out that magic. Their dramatic sound sets Nona Marie Invie’s soaring, haunting voice against age-old instrumentation that evokes the soundtrack to a beautiful film. The 10-song collection is a marked evolution for the group, which began in 2006 as a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists and singers Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount. These two inspired songwriters bring together disparate influences – including minimalism, New Orleans jazz, Americana, Eastern European folk, and pop – creating something altogether singular and absolutely epic. This diversity is their greatest strength. They use contrast - in texture, tone, and imagery - to build their own deeply-experienced world into the songs. For example, on the single "Daydreaming," Invie's warm voice and piano are supported by sparse and clean drums, a guitar with lush reverb, and cascades of dirty and distorted banjo, while an accordion wanders its way through harmonies.