Philip Corner
The Art of No-Art
Book (ltd.)
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Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, 364 pages, 12"x8" perfect bound book, incl. print
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1The Art of No-Art (Sean McCann, collage)30:05
2#1 (Philip Corner, piano)6:53
3#2 [free interpretation] (Charlie Morrow, piano)4:10
4#111 (Rhodri Davies, harp)2:09
5#170 'Hymn to Erzulie' (Agnese Toniutti, piano)30:03
6#172 'Oh My Soul' (Sarah Davachi, piano)9:03
7#185 (Derek Baron, piano)2:59
8#204 (Derek Baron, piano)3:15
9#219 (Derek Baron, piano)1:57
10#235 (Derek Baron, piano)4:50
11#311 (Matt Hannafin, percussion)10:51
12#361 'Elemental My Dear' (Zachary Paul, violin)5:14
13#378 (Philip Corner, piano)12:52
14#385 (Silvia Tarozzi, violin)1:36

A new book of scores by artist and composer Philip Corner (b. 1933). The Art of No-Art is a collection of 385 new graphic scores written between 2019 and 2022. Each score is a single-page meditation based around octaves. Though written mostly for piano, the scores could be arranged for other instrumentation (for those with fewer than an 8 octave range).

The Art of No-Art explores the endless possibilities of one musical note (and its bounded harmonics). The pieces can be performed by people of any skill level; rudimentary or advanced navigations are possible.

A supplemental audio download is included, which features recordings of many scores from the book, played on a variety of instruments by Agnese Toniutti, Rhodri Davies, Sarah Davachi, Derek Baron, Philip Corner, Matt Hannafin, Charlie Morrow, Zachary Paul, and Silvia Tarozzi. Additionally, Philip Corner wrote instructions for Sean McCann to collage all these recordings into a grand piece of No-Art.

A numbered art print of the score “Life’s A Joke” is included, a piece for voice which invites the reader to sing (or shout), “LIFE’S A JOKE AND ALL THINGS SHOW IT, I THOUGHT SO ONCE AND NOW I KNOW IT.”