Skeleton Crew (Fred Frith/Tom Cora)
Learn To Talk
ReR Vinyl
Incl. printed inner sleeve
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1Que Viva - Onwards And Upwards 7:36
2The Way Things Fall (Back Apart)2:33
3Not My Shoes 2:15
4The Washington Post 1:31
5We're Still Free 4:09
6Victoryville 2:47
7Learn To Talk 3:52
8Factory Song 4:48
9It's Fine 4:15
10Zach's Flag 3:08

Reissue of a true avantgarde-rock classic: Skeleton Crew were the maverick duo of Ex-Henry Cow guitarist Fred Frith and the great late cellist Tom Cora. Formed during one of Frith's early American residencies, Skeleton Crew was a legendary two man crew who somehow - in real time, managed to play all their instruments, cello, bass, electric guitar, violin, vocals - as well as, drum parts dislocated between the two of them. No one sounded like Skeleton Crew, ever. An unprecedented and tight duo coalition that produced some of the best music of the decade. Originally released in 1984, Learn to Talk consists of a highly integrated mixture of art-rock, punk energy, tape manipulation and re imagined folk elements. A catalogue of invention that remains breathtaking today. Fully re-mastered and including a printed inner sleeve with previously unpublished text by Fred Frith in memory of Tom Cora on the 20th anniversary of his premature passing.