Bochum Welt
Desktop Robotics & Feelings on a Screen
Central Processing Unit
printed inner sleeve
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1desktop robotics
2hmt (202 mix)
3eafs brought by the wind
4marylebone demo version
5feelings on a screen
6saint (heinrich mueller z version)
7greenwich (like a tim mix)

Two of the most crucial EPs from Bochum Welt's first wave are now being given new life by CPU. »Desktop Robotics« and »Feelings On A Screen« initially emerged in 1997 via Aphex Twin's Rephlex imprint.

Bochum Welt's drops on labels like Rephlex made for some of the most celebrated electronic music releases of the era and went on to influence producers the world over - including many of those who have turned up on CPU since it launched in 2012.

While this double-reissue features many crucial cuts from the original pressings, the record also serves up other gems gathered from Bochum Welt's original master tapes - all of which have never previously been released on vinyl.