Radio Magenta
'I Am Sorry, I Am' And Some Other Heartteaching Stories
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keplar 007
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1Punk (Teenage) 3:29
2Love Is State-Of-The-Art 3:36
3Enchanted Place 1:50
4I Am Sorry, I Am 4:42
5Don't Trust The Love Machine 5:06
6Consuming Robots Will Save The World 3:08
7What Did You Do In 96? 4:20
8Appearance ... Not Disappearance 4:09
9Hologram 4:10
10Flying Oscillators On Their Way To Float 4:04
11Hello Protagonists 3:34
12The Opposite Of Money 6:06

you discover ambient-related audiospheres, which sound like the reverbed guitars of some drone-escapists, combined with chopped electronic, which often feigns hip hop -/ big beats but in the end seems more related to the late 80s and soon 90s indie rock. though digitally created, the bass sounds stringed (you can hear the pluck). the melodies and harmonies go hand in hand and create this wonderful melancholic feeling which sends shivers down your spine and makes you sigh and smile like while the best times of the new yorker noise - or the chicago postrock. this often gets enriched through the voices of the two: spoken word perfomances and speech song transport messianic lyrics. every track is arranged with an unbelievable love for details and it functions with an almost organic matter-of-factness. the production sounds crystal-clear, so that one can also discover nuances that seem new, after having listened to the album even for the 50th time.

file under: electronic indie rock