Alvin Lucier
Music On A Long Thin Wire
Lovely Music, Ltd.
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1Music on a Long Thin Wire - I
2Music on a Long Thin Wire - II
3Music on a Long Thin Wire - III
4Music on a Long Thin Wire - IV

First released on Lovely Music in 1980. A 50-foot length of taut wire passes through the poles of a large magnet and is driven by an oscillator; the vibrations of the wire are miked at either end, amplified, and broadcast in stereo. The thin wire is set vibrating four times at four different frequencies; what results is not the low drone one might expect from a long, vibrating wire, but a complexity of evocative, ethereal chords. Music On A Long Thin Wire is a classic example of Alvin Lucier's investigations into the physics of sound and the sonic properties of natural processes.