Benni Hemm Hemm
Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times
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Ltd. CD incl. little 4.3"x2.6" book and "band-member-cards"
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1Take Your Book 3:48
2Beat Me Until You Are Tired 2:23
3Rise, Rise, Rise 3:35
4I Am Free 4:59
5Síam 4:00
6Lucano And Ramona 4:28
7The Mask of Anarchy 6:59
8You´ll Get Lost Again 2:05
9Build A Wall 2:05
10Bright Air And Magical Life 3:13
11Don´t Forget The Northern Morning Light 4:38
12Darkness 6:04
13Birds Like Smoke Rise 2:52
14Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times 4:48

It´s ten years since Benni Hemm Hemm released his first EP - and now he´s ready for an all English record, recorded in Glasgow, Scotland with local musicians. Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times is the band´s fifth album and contains 14 songs that are so dark you almost can´t see them. But there´s a faint sign of hope at the end of the tunnel, with bright voices and piercing brass.

The cover artwork is a unique piece of design, by graphic designer Arnar Freyr, visual artist Huginn Þór Arason, and Benedikt H. Hermannsson.