Various Artists
Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri 2: Molam Gems from the 1960s-80s
EM Records
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1Lam Phloen Handsome Guy 4:02
2Lam Phloen Call Me Please 2:39
3Lam Phloen Putting A Girl In Her Place 1:49
4Keawta Lam Phloen 3:39
5Lam Phloen Thinking About Sa-U 3:41
6Lam Phloen Friend And Friend Instrumental 2:18
7Lam Phloen Young Widower 2:34
8Lam Phoen Let S Go To Kathina Festival 2:34
9Lam Tangwai Phairin 3:01
10Lam Phloen Sakhon Na Khon 3:37
11Lam Tangwai Gigolette 3:50
12Lam Phloen Folk Song 1:49
13Lam Phloen Open-Air Cinema 3:41
14Lam Phloen Nakhon Phanom 2:53
15Lam Phloen Before Farewell 2:35
16Welcome To Nakhon Phanom 3:03
17Lam Toei Ram Wong Romance 2:00
18Lam Phloen The Story Of Walking In The Forest 2:39
19Lam Phloen Let S Fall In Love 3:10
20Lam Toei A Promise Of Isan Girl 3:18

EM Records again shines the spotlight on legendary Thai producer Surin Phaksiri in this second edition of his classic productions from the 1960s-80s. Surin Phaksiri is a highly esteemed figure in Thai music, rooted deeply in his native region of Isan in northeast Thailand, a producer with a deep respect for the traditional artistry of his culture, yet always moving forward, looking outward, listening ahead. The molam style of Thai music showcases the voice; indeed, the genre's name means "expert singer", and Thailand is blessed with an abundance of experts, singers with amazing control, grace, vitality and finesse. This collection of 22 songs features 17 singers, ranging from venerated legends to unjustly unheralded masters of the art.

These songs were recorded and released after the era of the 7-inch single; with the advent of the cassette boom in Thai music, most producers adopted a quantity-over-quality conveyer belt production style, churning out soundalike material to fill the expanded length of cassette tape. Phaksiri resisted these tides and continued to work with a single-song mindset, tailoring each production's instrumentation and arrangement to precisely fit each singer and song. This care and integrity can be clearly heard in this sweetly groovy collection.

These gems, originally released on 7-inch vinyl, are all first-time official reissues, a project years in the making.

01. Lumyai Sungkamani - Lam Phloen Handsome Guy
02. Chomsawai Saentawisok - Lam Phloen Call Me Please
03. Thongmi Malai - Lam Phloen Putting a Girl in Her Place
04. Keawta Prayalae - Keawta Lam Phloen
05. Chamnian Mitpracha - Lam Phloen Please Get Along with Me
06. Chabaphrai Namwai - Lam Phloen No Appease No Love
07. Chabaphrai Namwai - Lam Phloen Thinking about Sa-U
08. Sonthaya Kalasin - Lam Phloen Friend and Friend (Instrumental)
09. Homhuan Saksakul - Lam Phloen Young Widower
10. Phairin Phonphibun - Lam Phoen Let’s Go to Kathina Festival
11. Phairin Phonphibun - Lam Tangwai Phairin
12. Banyen Siwongsa - Lam Phloen Sakhon Na Khon
13. Sonthaya Kalasin - Lam Tangwai Gigolette
14. Somthin Charoenchai - Lam Phloen Folk Song
15. Chabaphrai Namwai - Lam Phloen Open-air Cinema
16. Banyen Siwongsa - Lam Phloen Nakhon Phanom
17. Sukchai Petch-ubon - Lam Phloen Before Farewell
18. Chawiwan Damnoen - Welcome to Nakhon Phanom
19. Kampun Foongsuk - Lam Toei Ram Wong Romance
20. Chamnian Mitpracha - Lam Phloen The Story of Walking in the Forest
21. Naree Rungruang - Lam Phloen Let’s Fall in Love
22. Kampun Foongsuk - Lam Toei A Promise of Isan Girl