Princess Diana of Wales
Princess Diana of Wales
A Colourful Storm
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2Still Beach
6Fragments Of Blue
8Choir Chant

Princess Diana of Wales, by London-based Australian Laila Sakini, is A Colourful Storm's latest and most curious project. Someone, no one, a notion, a feeling... Sakini offers clues but no simple answers. Vocal-led pieces are brittle and intoxicating, contemplating recklessness and unfulfillment of a past life: "Watching the future wash away / Giving it up to have this day". She studies closeness and, incredulous of the feelings that emerge, wonders if detachment is impermanent. She catalogues these emotions as a series of memories, colours and images. 'Evaporate', sedated and hushed, is a secret confession and ode to resolution, albeit, fatally, only a temporary one: "Take some form / Later on when I can do this / When we can do this / Together".

Behind the album is a stage of dubwise disorientations evoking in-between states of the everyday. »Swing« and »Closer« are woozy and dreamlike, their voices summoning ghosts of fortunes past while »Exhaust« finds an aperture in our protagonist's daydream. A perilous foreshadowing of the incantatory »Choir Chant«, whose spell pacifies her inquisition, submerging both self and feeling into the deep blue sea.

RIYL: Grouper, Kali Malone, Drew McDowall.