Silizium EP
Remastered 2019
Includes Instant Download
EP (picture disc)
Strike169 EP
Pvc sleeve, mp3 incl. Telefon Tel Aviv remix
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1Komponent (2019 Remaster)6:40
2Silizium (2019 Remaster)3:48
3Not A Good Place (2019 Remaster)4:46
4It's Gonna Be A Long Walk (2019 Remaster)3:57

Release: 24.05.2019

"A balance between things that you know people will like and things that you think people will like" is what John Peel had to say on his BBC homepage about Apparat's music programming concept. Apparat then appeared at the Peel Session in May of 2004 substituting [like] with [die for] in JP's statement. Indeed, it's sad but true: John Peel passed away a few months later to a heart attack while vacationing in Peru. Apparat could only find a more fitting farewell mood with the rerecording of his session: a sonic dedication to the huge mentor John Peel from Shitkatapult and their people.

Apparat is known as a fluctuating mood-maker by way of his computer companion. In this case he leaves his garb behind. Apparat swings the composer's stick with emotion to give yearning its segway by conducting pieces of lonely melancholic beauty with godly discretion. New strings are thanks to the violin and cello of Kathrin Pfänder and Lisa Stepf aka Complexácord, whose soul-drenched expression lets your mind sway.

The trio harmonizes with dream-like perfection. It reminds one once again of the experimental modus operandi combining classical instruments with electronic music. Singer Raz Ohara and clarinet/sax player Hormel Eastwood find their chosen virtuous and emotional space on this promising cloud. What remains are warm dark drops of elegiac pop the pour down the back of your heart.

This Apparat John Peel Session was remastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx Studios in February 2019 incl. the digital bonus track - Komponent as Telefon Tel Aviv Remix. The physical appears as picture disc featuring the wonderful original design by Hanna Zeckau & Carsten Aermes on vinyl. The original release from 2005 (Strike 153) also contained more Remixes by Bus, Rechenzentrum and Apparat himself.