Best Available Technology
Enginetics & Plasmalterations
12th Isle
Screenprinted artwork
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1Vivi-Q Flight Path
3Nick & Kev Set Controls For The Waning Moon
4Loneliest Animals Of Them All
5Disrecalling The Assassatoir
6Unfathomed Fathoms
7Tranquatic Slakes
8Extinct Song

Tucked away in a shed in Portland, Best Available Technology continues to cultivate an unmistakable sound grown around a seemingly untiring exploration of the machines that he works with. Across ‘Enginetics & Plasmalterations’ his densely layered sonic design agglutinates with a healthy appreciation for the unplanned or unexpected, forming a polymorphic collection of tracks for the 6th release from 12th Isle. While more traditional means of classification have become increasingly insufficient, it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that the music on this record bears a mutated resemblance to stuttered Downtempo or the dubbier side of Techno and Bass, connected by way of tonal plasticity through drone-jams and intermittently skewed synth loops.

Despite the frustrating limits of language surrounding music, we’re incredibly happy to welcome B.A.T. to the label with this release and would be well enough compacting the overview of it to the near molecular level by borrowing a phrase from the artist himself – Sonics Proper!