Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg
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1JAC 3:52
2Dengrouse 3:12
3Goose Egg Dub 4:04
4Aphids 4:00
5Rolex 3:09
6Altered Destiny 4:32
7JAC (Slikback remix)4:38
8Altered Destiny (Seven Orbits & TSVI remix)6:08

Gnashing hardcore spirit meets razor-sharp sound design in a keen collab between Svbkvlt MVP Gooooose and chiptune survivor DJ Scotch Egg, with searing remixes by Slikback and Seven Orbits &TSVI.

The debut collaboration between the Japanese and Chinese mentalists, ‘JAC’ was forged in the wake of Nyege Nyege Tapes’ 2019 festival, where Shigeru Ishihara aka Scotch Egg’s playful sense of drama proved an ideal match for Gooooose’s precision-tuned, bespoke software in the studio.

As mainstay of ‘00s electronica, with recent credits in Seefeel and WaqWaq Kingdom, Ishihara appears to lend a sort of cryptic sci-fi story-telling to the exacting, super-crisp contours and pointillist percussion of Gooooose across six surprisingly emotive works that provide a rocket fuel for the remixers, spurring Slikback to run riot while hard drum guys TSVI & Seven Orbits double down on their already excellent work for Svbkvlt.

Bringing Gooooose’s work arguably closer to the devilishness of peer 33EMYBW, title tune ‘JAC’ tweaks a fine line of breakcore, juke and neo-Far Eastern hyperstep that admirably updates what we know of Scotch Egg, while ‘Dengrouse’ cuts a super minimal figure recalling Untold’s vacuum- packed Eski tekkers, and ‘Rolex’ forms a wickedly chewy, turbulent tribute to Uganda’s favourite street food alongside a lush, choral footwork pinnacle of their efforts in ‘Altered Destiny’.

Cemented with Swordman Kitala’s hoarse holler on the dancehall trample of ‘Goose Egg Dub’, plus the face-pulling G-force of Slikback’s rabid take on ‘JAC’ and Seven Orbits & TSVI’s glorious ambient hard drum remix of ‘Altered Destiny’, it’s all a proper doozy for the dancefloor dreamers and anyone looking beyond the usual rave hotspots for real, upfront thrills.