On Man
On Man
LP (white)
HTH154 / Includes Download Code
180 vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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1ON MAN – United (Why Can't We Say Enough)
2ON MAN – Worse Than It Seems
3ON MAN – Squares & Triangles
4ON MAN – Survive This
5ON MAN – Memento Mori
6ON MAN – Sever
7ON MAN – Sweet Anticipation
8ON MAN – Darks
9ON MAN – Silence Oh Moyle
10ON MAN – Side Effects

With roots in hip hop, pop and electronica, On Man uses these sonic foundations as tools to carve a new space filled with corroded, cinematic left-field pop. On Man’s eponymous debut album is his graduation point, a record framed by grief, the loss of identity, and the process of rediscovery. Challenging and rewarding in equal measure, it’s a revelatory listen.