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1Symmetry 2:14
2Tentacle Centre 3:32
3Adam Bank 3:57
4Arthropods Continent (feat. Li Jianhong )7:36
5Drum3 8:01
6Seeds of the Future 2:41
7Induce 5:11
8Arthropods Continent (Ikonika Remix)4:35
9Adam Bank (Lechuga Zafiro Remix)4:43
10Drum3 (Don Zilla Remix)5:33

Shanghai’s Svbkvlt spring a killer new batch of martial steppers and pointillist electronics by 33EMYBW backed with remixes by Lechuga Zafiro, Ikonika, and Hakuna Kulala’s Don Zilla.

Originally Issued on digital formats late last year to coincide with its live premiere at Poland’s Unsound festival, ‘Arthropods’ is now available on a limited vinyl pressing for the first time and manifests as the alien spirit twin of the soul-seeking creatures 33EMYBW brought to (semi)life in the ‘Golem’ album. Her animist powers appear strengthened here, generating unique constructions that synthesise aspects of footwork, deco-club music and trilling trap with crystalline melodies and a virulent, gremlin-in-the-machine sort of madness.

This stuff is pretty much exactly what we reckon a lot of folk imagined music to sound like in the year historically imagined by Blade Runner. From the lush pads and flyaway chorales of ’Symmetry’ the album delivers a futurist rush of probing electronic tones and posthuman, bone-bending rhythms between the rail-gunning attack of ‘Tentacle Centre’ and the tri-step trills of ‘Induce’, packing thrilling runs into dembow DNA mutation with ‘Adam Bank’ and a sort of militant sino- soca-footwork style in ‘Arthropods Continent’, while ‘Drum3’ sounds like it evolved from a patch left on a synth in the Radiophonic Workshop.

For the remixes, Ikonika evens out ‘Arthropods Continent’ into a sort of bucking ballroom workout, and Lechuga Zafiro reins in ‘Adam Bank’ with a fidgety parry, but Uganda’s Don Zilla keeps it out there with a cyclonic twyst on ‘Drum3.’