Loraine James
Gentle Confrontation
HDBLP64 / Includes Download Code
Gatefold sleeve
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1Gentle Confrontation 4:21
22003 2:40
3Let U Go 4:23
4Déjà Vu 2:51
5Prelude Of Tired Of Me 2:02
6Glitch The System (Glitch Bitch 2)3:34
7I DM U 4:23
8One Way Ticket To The Midwest (Emo)2:25
9Cards With The Grandparents 3:22
10While They Were Singing 4:22
11Try For Me 4:05
12Tired Of Me 2:19
13Speechless 4:58
14Disjointed (Feeling Like A Kid Again)4:06
15I’m Trying To Love Myself 3:22
16Saying Goodbye 3:32

»Gentle Confrontation«, Loraine James's third Hyperdub album, opens a new chapter of her real and sonic life in which she examines her past and present. It's a positively languid, enjoyably disjointed set made while listening to her teenage favourites; math rock and emo-electronic such as DNTEL, Lusine and Telefon Tel Aviv. The album also features an ever more diverse set of peers, placing them in her unusual musical settings and drawing out sensitive and reflexive performances. At other times the album stretches out into a drifting ambience as if seeking a sense of bliss in the everyday. »Gentle Confrontation« is about relationships (especially familial), understanding, and giving back a little grace and care, while the tone of the record criss-crosses watery ambience with denatured rhythm and asmr beats. These 16 tracks are Loraine's best work yet, and a personal and musical leap forward, delivering a totally unique vision of electronic pop music.