Lukas De Clerck
Cerchi Cerchi
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Blickwinkel 09 CS
Edition of 100 copies, leporello artwork
Blickwinkel 09 CD
Edition of 100 copies, leporello artwork w/ booklet
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1I 9:15
2II 7:04
3III 6:17
4IV 12:16

Oorsprong is a tube, a line in a forest, a sound sculpture. Acoustics to be revealed. Activated by entering, it becomes a giant flute producing a tone that is so low, the body crashes into waves of pure pressure instead of sound. Untranslatable energy. CERCHI CERCHI by Lukas De Clerck (FKA: Bloedneus & de Snuitkever) is a quest in a forest to find traces of that untranslatable sound, its impact, its imprint, its memory. A hide and seek in which the body is concealed in the instrument, becoming its second voice, hidden but exposed.


whistling, organ pipe, voice
A whistle, a whisper, a play of breath. Echoes of a low pulse, colliding into each other.
Party in the background, a coach blows a whistle, a haunting scream echoes the whistling from inside, kids returning from a party.

voice, whistling
To give away your voice, a gesture. The initiative for an introduction.
Birds chirping, an F16 piercing through the sky.

A circular breath gently caresses a line of circles, making its surface ringing.
Birds chirping, voices of kids, kids shouting, the door of Oorsprong closes.

oorsprong, two bass recorders
When tuning becomes rhythm, when rhythm becomes a beat of breath. A beat underneath the beating of tones. Feedback of flutes.
The clanging of 2 bass recorders, the ventilator of Oorsprong is turning on.