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Opaque magenta vinyl
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1Glowing Hearts In The Rainbow Room 8:54
2Flottant 6:03
3Purgatory Sway 5:07
4Turn Down These Voices 7:40
5Fool 9:11
6Exit 5:32

A term for listening to sounds within the body as a method of diagnosis is a poignantly perfect moniker for Portland producer Joel Shanahan’s most elusive and emotive electronic aura-reading solo alias: Auscultation. III arrives a full four years after its SILK predecessor, L’étreinte Imaginaire, delayed by tragedies too expansive to enumerate.

Throughout, these shadowy psychic rhythms percolated at the periphery, as both escape and exorcism. The songs share a smeared mood of longing and lament, foggy melodies gliding through low-lit spaces, dissipated dance floor ether spiraling like smoke under a streetlight. It’s a music of faces in the night and things unsaid, swaying at the threshold. What could have been and what will always be.

Mastered by Eric Hanson. Design by Britt Brown.