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1Grillito 1 3:29
2Nina-nina y Apasanqa (Yarabits)9:09
3Camino 2:07
43 ACA 13:47
5Camión a Phinaya - El palteado 2018 - Quelccaya 1 - Olas de Verano - Quleccaya 2 - Cumbia Samba - Niños y profesores practicando en Phinaya 11:27
6Mar en Barranco - Laurandó Marciano - Mar en Barranco 2 - Cajón Tóxico - Riachuelo en Urubamba 14:53
7Grillito 2 3:03

Andean inspired home recordings from Tomás Tello - solo and with friends. ACA (roughly translated as right here) is a new project by Tomás Tello enabling him to collaborate with whoever crosses his paths creating a truly mystifying journey of highland mysticism crossed with late night bonfire jams, whichever way you look at it Tello keeps the South American experimentalism torch flying high above in the starry sky.

Tomás had this to say about the album:

‘’Where I live the crickets never stop chirping… and during quarantine they kept going and going and going …

Grillito (small cricket in Spanish) was recorded in Tavira, Portugal between 2019 and 2020 in various impromptu sessions.

Side A begins, appropriately, with the theme Grillito ... the opening is inspired by the music of the Sikuris. Next comes Yarabits, recorded with Raul Jardín and Aya. I recorded the rest of the side by myself including some field recordings of the Quelccaya glaciar in Cuzco, Peru.

Side B extends the concept to its illogical conclusion with an infinity mix between the Quelccaya recordings and various songs that I recorded with Daniel Llermaly on bass and a Nintendo making simple beats...I also decided to include an homemade cover of Olas de Verano by Los Pakines and a cumbia samba by Juaneco y su combo.

Eventually the album peaks with a long section I recorded with Laura Robles using the Cajón... I mixed those recordings with others of the Pacific Ocean spray in Lima. It’s really nice to have this music committed to tape because when I started playing music it was with Laura Robles, so it's really special to have recorded this!

Grillito, for me, is a displacement between different memories and fantasies that appear when I remember traveling on Peruvian roads... each theme is like looking through a window on a sleep and wake up and you are in another type of the the the city... in a small town ... next to the sea … inside your memory... these are long, long trips ...

The little crickets are there to remind us that we are not alone... a nature musical gift. ‘’

Tomás Tello, Tavira 2022