Kim Brown
Nabi 1970
Just Another Beat
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JAB 11
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1Nabi (Quarion's Farewell To Hardware Remix)9:45
2Visiona 1970 7:45

After a 2-year hiatus from the mothership, Kim Brown return to Just Another Beat with a new 12", including the brand-new track "Visiona 1970" and an exceptionally impressive remix of "Nabi", one of the outstanding tracks off their debut album "Somewhere Else It’s Going To be Good", beautifully executed by Quarion.

It was Quarion aka Yanneck Salvo himself who approached the Berlin-based duo, being eager to work on his own version of the track and taking it to the next level. The result equals en epic transformation. Using only the key melodic elements of the rather quiet and lush original, Quarion’s version is much more than a remix. It’s more like a cover version, showcasing his own unique approach of how to first dismantle and then carefully, bit by bit, rebuild the peak time moment of the dancefloor. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, to be enjoyed best from start to finish, this is a voyage extraordinaire.

On the flip, "Visiona 1970" presents Kim Brown in a glistening rainbow of deep colours. With freely shuffling hi-hats, intimate percussion and some of their most beautiful melodies yet, this track marks a turning point for the project. Having mainly released remixes for other artists recently, Ji-Hun Kim and Julian Braun have been constantly working on a new album as well, which will finally see the light of day not long after the release of this EP. In the meantime, please enjoy these 2 tracks.