Jake Muir
The Hum Of Your Veiled Voice
LP (color)
Edition of 500 copies, translucent red vinyl, glossy sleeve
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1On Occasions Of This Kind 4:08
2Fleeting Touches 4:02
3Reservoir Of Memory 5:18
4Melting Like The Stars 5:06
5Red As The Print Of A Kiss 5:06
6The Dimness Of The Sealed Eye 4:00
7Like Sweet Thoughts In A Dream 4:02
8Silent Sailing 5:22

Sferic reembrace ambient spirit Jake Muir for the label’s luscious 7th release; a fabrication of impressionistic city scapes describing L.A. at dusk, and Berlin dawning.

’The hum of your veiled voice’ was written by Muir in the wake of his transition from a life in Los Angeles to a new start in Berlin. It sees him transpose field recordings of his former home city into a hazier sort of mid-ground that subtly diffracts the difference with Berlin in summer, refining the shimmering production tekkers of his West Coast surf-pop tribute ‘Lady’s Mantle’ (2018) with a nuanced, lower case emotive tactility intended to arouse heady states of atmospheric tension between nostalgic sehnsucht and romantic promise.

Muir readily acknowledges influence from the more washed out, elusive textures, timbres, and spatial awareness of artists such as Philip Jeck, Richard Chartier, and Marina Rosenfeld, as opposed to the usual touchstones of AFX or Eno. But more implicitly he references a sense of queered ambience shared with Chartier’s Pinkcourtesyphone, and as such his music is seduced by the allure of “gay bathhouses and spas, club back rooms and decadent boudoirs” in a way that suffuses the whole record with an aphrodisiac air shared by sferic’s superb Perila LP or Romeo Poirier’s ‘Hotel Nova’.

Supine and seductive in its illustration of an “endless night”, the devil lies in the album’s evocative intricacies, using a signature light touch and Akira Rabelais’ Argeïphontes Lyre software to ruffle locked grooves and dusty jazz snippets into ASMR-triggering texturhythms and dematerialised, hea(r)tsick blurs between the ear-stroking ephemera of ‘fleeting touches’ and the way his music appears to waltz out of an open window over Berlin at night in ‘the dimness of the sealed eye’, and land on the pillow of your dream partner in ‘like sweet thoughts in a dream’.