Acid Mothers Reynols
Vol. 3
VHF160LP / Includes Download Code
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1Kicking Air Bricks
2Multiverse Turtle Reflex
3Smelling Oneiric Asado
4Lemurian Tsunami Inside A Hat

Volume 3 of a set of collaborations between the prolific Argentine polymaths Reynols and the inescapable Acid Mothers Temple. Recorded in Buenos Aries on AMT’s 2017 South American Tour, the music has identifiable sonic elements from both groups but ends up sounding like neither, with a surprising weightlessness that keeps things jammy and psychedelic until the final track’s blustering rock. Taking up most of side 1, “Kicking Air Bricks” has a loose Gong/70’s Euro-classic vibe, with Satoshima Nani getting to swing on the drums in a way that isn’t always part of AMT’s steamroller, while the rest of the gang layers in abstract piano, percussion, glissando guitar, etc. “Multiverse Turtle Reflex” closes the side with a thick drone coda. Side 2 starts with Miguel Tomasin’s gentle vocal and organ accompaniment on “Smelling Oneiric Asado” before the group gradually gathers momentum with Wolf’s thick bass anchoring layers of clean & loose guitar interplay. “Lemurian Tsunami Inside A Hat” is a 13 minute heavy rock epic, with the Reynols’ guitars going head to head with Kawabata’s easily recognized interjections, ramping up into a riffy crescendo.