The Fires Of Ork
The Fires Of Ork
Silent State Recordings
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SSR006LP / Includes Download Code
Gatefold sleeve
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1The Fires Of Ork I 7:46
2The Fires Of Ork II 6:28
3Gebirge 21:26
4Talk To The Stars 11:46
5The Facts Of Life 18:30

The Fires Of Ork was a collaboration project between the late Pete Namlook (1960-2012) and Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere). They recorded two albums together, The Fires Of Ork in 1993 and The Fires Of Ork 2 in 2000. Silent State Recordings presents this first time vinyl reissue of the 1993 recordings.

"The Fires of Ork compiles two albums Namlook made in collaboration with another intrepid explorer of space music, Biosphere’s Geir Jenssen. For those familiar with the more austere minimalism of later Biosphere albums, this one might at first be startling. It hews close to the sample-based sounds of the early ‘90s, with snippets of voices taken from curious source material: Blade Runner, an old KLF Communications press release, and even Nietzsche. But these sprawling, dark ambient washes also build up to banging ambient techno—some of the finest in either man’s catalog." (Andy Beta, Bandcamp)

"This is very specifically ambient TECHNO, to a large extent. And that driving, kinetic aspect only adds to the album’s overall vibe of widescreen menace. That’s not to say it’s lacking in long, languid stretches of beatless ambiance, because there is plenty of that too. There’s a sense of narrative and pacing here which means that, taken as a whole, ‘The Fires of Ork’ is like a road movie for the mind (not to mention the ears). Only, the road is, like, in the sky, man. In any case, it’s quite the trip. What else would you expect from a collab between two top-tier ambient auteurs?" (Audiopile)

"Dynamic progressions and a wide array of ideas make this album a pleasant and immersive listening if you are not afraid of frequent electronic beats that will lead you in organic spaciousness. Clearly a missing link between re-invented experimental music for planetariums and bombastic breakbeat IDM to ravish your ears. Warmly recommended for lovers of lysergic icy ambient beauty with a deep pulsating edge and a terrifying, disorientating cosmic/dystopian sensibility, to be placed next to releases by Vladislav Delay, Monolake, The Orb, and Kangding Ray." (Philippe Blache, Igloo Magazine)