A Sunken Mall
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LP (ltd.)
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1Long Dizzying Air Through A Balcony Door 7:48
2Amorphous Absorption 3:52
3Haven't Left Home 4 4 Days 4:24
4This Story Doesn't Make Any Sense 6:47
5Crash Sedative 6:46
61 Room 3:52

Following her debut album, Perila aka Aleksandra Zakharenko returns with another LP of „subliminal moments and suspended fragments“: »7.34/2.11« is a record full of surreal beauty. Comprised out of a selection of soundscapes created by Aleksandra Zakharenko throughout various stages of last year, 7/37/2.11 acts as an auditory journal that chronicles the fluctuating states of vague ambiguity the artists faced during the unprecedented turmoil of 2020.