Laure Boer & Laurent Boer
Echonomy Split Series #5
Otomatik Muziek
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Edition of 70 copies, risograph j-card
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1Laurent Boer – Musique électroacoustique, 1981 19:01
2Laure Boer – Musique électroacoustique, 2021 22:57

The fifth installment of the Echonomy Split Series presents a special father and daughter collaboration. In 2021, Berlin-based Belgian artist Laure Boer found by chance old tapereels of her father, French conductor Laurent Boer. In 1981, the latter participated in a GRM workshop in Paris, during which he created the twenty-minute self-explanatory piece »Musique électroacoustique«. Afterwards, he turned to his career as a conductor, which was beginning in parallel.

Forty years later, his daughter Laure now formulates a musical response to these recordings. Laure Boer's music constantly oscillates between electroacoustic explorations, the incorporation of traditional instruments, loop-based rhythms and delicate approaches to melodies. It's amazing to hear and follow where their sound worlds converge or drift apart. What's exciting is that while Laure's recordings were made based on her father's music, they fit perfectly into her previous sound language (listen to her releases on Chinabot or Kashual Plastik for comparison). Both share a radical aesthetic of sound that is at once tender and brutal, working with traditional instruments without falling into strategies of cultural appropriation, but where Laurent's piece is a through-composed cut and paste work, Laure relies on the energy of a live improvisation.

A very intimate and personal album in an edition of 70 tapes. The riso-printed booklet is accompanied by a multi-page conversation between Laure and Laurent.