Anne Gillis
La Scie Dorée
Edition of 450 copies
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1Usinage en chambre des machines 3:41
2Nagsunie 2:08
3Appel translucide 1:54
4Brouette fantôme 2:44
5Stéça 2:33
6Ondulatoires 3:52
7Aaisth 3:33
8Verre mûri 4:40
9Uythe 2:07
10Zilovéa 4:16
11Inversion 3:35

Since more than 40 years, Anne Gillis has discreetly unfolded her proper singular universe without any compromise. She playfully moves with determined restrictions, excavating contrasting forces; sensual and visceral, mechanical and organical, black and white, … She extends this personal expression in her visuals using self-portrait photos, handwritten text and her theatrical performances are equally aligned. Her music can be considered as musique concrète using the tape machine as compositional tool, manipulating her recorded sources, mainly consisting of extended voice and different (instrumental) sounds with addition of electronics and treatments. In both her photography and her music, Anne Gillis works fully analog.