Yosuke Tokunaga
8 Quadrants
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Edition of 250 copies
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1Q uadrants 3:38
2Qu adrants 3:56
3Qua drants 4:10
4Quad rants 3:16
5Quadr ants 3:33
6Quadra nts 4:30
7Quadran ts 3:13
8Quadrant s 2:54

Unearthly ambient scapes meet ›chopped & screwed‹-like techniques and distant pianos on »8 Quadrants«.

Not much is really known about the production process behind the sprawling works of Japanese composer Yosuke Tokunaga, nor about the artist himself.

Whatever the process may be, its outcome yields unique soundscapes that lunge and retreat in near mechanical movement, while warm volleys of low flung claps and thumps disperse over a bed of textural hums and lingering chords.

At times, Yosuke’s work manages to somehow form an atmosphere that can both feel airy and yet dense simultaneously; it is this juxtaposed mélange of sonic fabric that is at the core of his unique creations, and once again it is beautifully displayed on Yosuke’s latest outing, »8 Quadrants«, where he continues his unique practice of figuratively interpreting language through a sequence of delicate sonic sculptures.

»8 Quadrants« follows 2021’s »9 Mezzotints« and will be available digitally, as well as on vinyl, via the Berlin based Vaagner label, and its offshoot Vaknar.