Trumpets/Snow In Berlin
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 007
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1Snow In Berlin 5:52
2Trumpets 6:16

Chris Simpson is best known for his past projects — the influential so called emo band Mineral and the more indie inspired outfit The Gloria Record. His solo project Zookeeper is a 180 turn to his previous music. The songs are shorter, lighter, and tell fresh stories. Zookeeper experiments with new sounds, and is ever changing. Simpson isn’t restricted by a certain genre, because it can change depending on how he changes and grows. He will always be the center, but is orbited by a group of talented musicians that help him achieve his goal. This is a two track european tour support 7” and his most ambitious vehicle yet—full of space, patience, maturity and painted by piano, guitar, horns and mournful, delicate vocals that will likely garner comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel and Belle & Sebastian.