Club Salon Theatre
Music From Memory
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1Preface, Bonjour
2(Shhhht) Introduction
3Wyatt Revolt
6Ah Balbec!
7Obsessions Etoiles Neurones
8Giant Steps (alternate take) (alternate take)
9Bcp De Bruit Pr Rien (Si Jav Sus)
11Equipments (Guattarix mix) (Guattarix mix)
12Clou, Vis
13Moments Notice (part 1) (part 1)
14Moments Notice (part 2) (part 2)
15Judso Danc Theate
16Club Geography
17Original J Dub
18DJs, Argen, Capital, Plus-Valuxe
19Subversion, Seduction
20Histoires Sans Livres
21Tout Ca
23Outro En Finir Avec Les Clubs

Swiss based artist Androo, who previously released on MFM sub label Second Circle, returns with his debut LP.

Far from an album in traditional form, »Club Salon Theatre« explores its potential as a musical collage of sound. Recorded during 2021 and the beginning of 2022, it is the result of Androo's desire to draw connections between diverse fragments of music and art.

Originally born out of the Dub sound-system scene in Geneva and with a continued love for the modal music of the likes of John and Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, Androo has long put improvisation at the center of his practice. His understanding of dub music as an integral part of the experimental music tradition, with ties to the school of Musique Concrète for instance, and with trap music as another vital ingredient, has as much to do with the form as with the method. With the studio as a laboratory for experimentation, Androo utilizes a variety of outboard instruments as well as working in-the-box, but it’s his classic “dub style” technique of mixing at the hardware console that leaves its quintessential mark throughout the whole record.

»Club Salon Theatre« is a rich patchwork of imagined scenes, emotive melodies, flying rhythms, harmonic changes, loose improvisations, with an almost romantic thread running through it. Like a collection of musical poems, gently arranged in what is sometimes sparse musical language. Far from a patchwork of scattered and disjointed inspirations, there is a real unity and singularity at work, resulting in a record which can be enjoyed as a collection of sonic poems, simultaneously nonchalant and earnest, sentimental and playful.