Markus Acher
Like A Plane
Live at Optimal Records
Moone Records
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Edition of 150 copies
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1Live at Optimal Records - A 11:35
2Live at Optimal Records - B 6:31

This tape is a beautiful companion piece to the Like A Plane 10", recently released in collaboration between Morr Music and Moone Records. It includes a special version of “If I Could Only Fly” by Blaze Foley. The performance was originally planned to be a livestream transmitted from Optimal Records Instagram, but we were so taken by the delicate intimate lo-fi performance and couldn’t help but feel it had to be a physical artifact.

Recorded live at Optimal Records, Munich on 30.12.2021.

Markus Acher - voice, guitar, banjo, melodica
Evi Keglmair - viola
Theresa Loibl - tuba, bass clarinet
Nico Sierig - harmonium, banjo
Cico Beck - drums, keyboard