Gilles Gobert
Chamber Electronic Music
Sub Rosa
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1Laptop Duo #2 9:40
2Piece For Piano And Laptop #1 7:34
3Piece For Piano And Laptop #3 7:11
4Piece For Piano And Laptop #2 9:29
5Laptop Duo #1 8:23

Trans, hybrid, crossbred, mongrel, whoreson, mixed, unclean, intricated, blended, interracial, bastard, harmonized, bouillabaisse, pandemonium, disorder, bewilderment, muddled, disarrayed, tangled, distraction, shambled, discorded, abashed, fuzzy, foggy, plaything, rejoicing, orgasmic, thoughlessness, salad, undisciplined, inordinate, coded, slanged, talk, privacy, nearness, disobedient, unruly, confidante, imperfect, tainted, red.

A subtle mix of electronic composition and contemporary touches.

Gilles Gobert is a composer and performer of electronic/mixed music with different groups like the laptop duo [KNAPP], the LAPS ensemble or individual instrumentalists (Nao Momitani, Véronique Delcambre) and he's part of the SMOG organization staff. He also realized several projects with the visual artist Inger Elisabeth Gleditsch. Currently Gobert a professor of electronic composition and mixed music at the Royal Academy of Music of Liège and lecturer-assistant at the Royal Academy of Music of Mons (Arts2).

In recent years, Gibert has created pieces and scores of vocal and instrumental music, or of mixed music (instruments, voice and electronics) for festivals like Ars Musica, Images Sonores, Transit, Syntax, Warsaw Automn or the Spark Festival of electronic music and art.