Various Artists
Ethereal Transects The Lore Of Celestial Objects
Folklore Tapes
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Screen- printed die-cut sleeve, 24 page 12” book containing essay & original artwork and research notes
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1Rob St John – The Sun 5:37
2Magpahi – Mercury 2:56
3Mary & David – Venus 4:29
4Ian Humberstone – The Moon 3:15
5Embla Quickbeam – Mars 5:25
6Carl Turney & Brian Campbell (Featuring Martha Turney) – Jupiter 6:02
7Arianne Churchman – Saturn 5:46
8The Funz – Uranus 5:13
9Dean McPhee – Neptune 6:01
10Sam McLoughlin & Bridget Hayden – Pluto 4:04

The latest installment in the Folklore Tapes canon sees the collective cast its gaze skyward - to the glittering orbs that steal their way silently across our night sky.

Ethereal Transects is a compilation album and booklet exploring the lore of celestial objects through experiments in sound and vision. Each contributor has researched a particular orb and - inspired by the tapestry of its myth and legend - fashioned an original soundscape in its likeness. The result is an audio voyage around the observable universe, stopping off at its well known land- marks - the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus, Mars and Jupiter, and on fur- ther, to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Accompanying us on the trip are the voices of ages past, who whisper strange-nothings in our ears about the sights we see as we traverse the inky black.

The project is presented as a ten track LP and 24 page booklet, The booklet includes research notes and artwork by the contributing artists, as well as an original 10 page essay by Jez Winship.