Adderf Arreug
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1Airplane GRM Edit 2:13
2Exhibition 11 Airplane 8:06
3Voice Of Vatikan 4:43
4Voice Of Vatikan (The Hieroglyphic Being Experience 14)7:22

Cold war's secret agent Adderf Arreug is a creation of Genoese adopted Massimo Pegoraro, aka Modus, one of the day-dreaming minds orbiting around Genoa's Marmeria Studios and the Wo_land imprint.

Following a visit of Modus at the IAN-GRM Institute in Paris, Airplane GRM Edit is inspired by that wave of French electronic composers experimenting in “concrete music” back in the 1950ties. The track fades in with a water trickling sound, rapidly growing in volume and intensity as the synth arpeggio takes over the scene, roaring and carving the sonic matter along with the engine of an accelerating aircraft.

Airplane 11 Exhibition is a techno-funk groover, taken up on a high-flying journey with the private jet of agent Arreug, here emulated by a Nord micro-modular synthesizer. The peculiarity of the piece is in the long break. Its pressurized suspense, embraced by a dragging bass-line, is slowly ascending as a “digged-in-the-earth” kick-drum jumps in, delicately sprinkled by a waving synth-line.

The final chapter of Modus' adventure is a four minutes meditation together with the illusory Vatican Council and a massive use of detuning. The robust drums fiercely advance inside the holy palaces before vanishing into an orgy of pastoral vocal fragments. Throughout all the listening we experience a sacred aura of celestial sounds, whose waves modulation promise sensorial delight, especially under narcotic effects.

Full space deserved on Side B to Jamal R. Moss “experience” of Voice of Vatikan. Chopping up the original parts and morphing them through an old Korg sampler, he came up with an acid techno storm according to the best Mathematics school of sound. In the middle of a battle, among menacing rumbling drums and mind-swirling spiral effects, a warm and melancholic melody appears, smoothening down the harshness of the theme. Notable is what happens in the last minutes, as the listener will bump into a skipping kick-drum, an intentional error, interesting provocation in the age of digital synch mixing and granted beat-matching.