Metric Systems
People In the Dark
Best Effort
Photographic Insert by Trevor Paglen.
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1Your Room 4:57
2Everything Was Different 4:49
3Chinatown Warehouse 5:38
4The Territory 3:37
5Laika 6:00
6Angela on the Balcony 5:45
7Stellarwind 5:45
8Icecap 2:00

Metric Systems is a collaboration between two cult electronic musicians, Bo Daley of Dark Network and Kate Crawford of B(if)tek. Their distinctive sound brings together an array of analogue synthesisers with distant vocoders and sampled echoes. The eight songs that make up ‘People in the Dark’ were recorded in studios across Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and New York over a sixteen year span. The album draws from a large archive of recordings that move between minimal techno, modular downtempo, and more abstract electroacoustic experimentation.