Various Artists
I.D. Art #2
Edition of 500 numbered copies, incl. insert
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1A, Mac McCloud; B, Mac McCloud 2:19
2Silent Rituals 3:33
3Grieg Fatigue 2:01
4Rrose Selavy Will Wait For My Was 2:03
5Potatoe War 0:00
6You Can't Hide From Aldehyde 1:41
7Art, Art, Art 0:43
8One Moment 1:31
9Pigface Blues 0:25
10View This Command As A Verbal 0:16
11Heal, and another Little Time 1:03
12I Don't Want To Go To The Farm 0:23
13Untitled 0:52
14Excerpt from » I'll Have Julie Nix« 3:02
15Xmas 1952 0:36
16Victim Of Racism 1:26
17Busta Nosa 1:49
18Vulnerability Rape,Male vrs Femal 1:33
19Martin Heiddegar Revisited 0:17
20Introduction by Buckminster Fuller 4:06
21Untitled 1:05
22Untitled 0:15
23Take One 3:31
24A Bicentennial Tribute To America 0:57
25Timeless#1 5:51
26Monologue to Henry VIII 2:06
27Untitled 2:05
28Dogs Are Barking 0:38
29Untitled 0:38
30Cotton Duck, Up and Back 1:00
31Record Stick 0:17
32Pasadena Subway Station Poetry Stills 3:42
33I Don't Want This To Happen 0:34
34One Minute Of Art News Update 1:06
35Untitled 0:23
36White Noise 0:30
37Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad 0:20
38This Is My Country 2:49
39untitled 1:03
40Don't Make Me Laugh 0:16
41Patty Smith 1:44
42Have Sex With Rex 1:27
43Dream 3:19
44Discarded Portion Of The Soundtra 0:15
45From The Origin Of Large Shrapnel 0:24
46I Haven't Heard You For A Long 0:17
47Fat Ape 0:23

Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) formed in the mid-1970s as a loose-knit experimental music collective and multimedia publishing vehicle. Founded by teenage Le Forte Four members Chip Chapman, Joe Potts and Rick Potts and soon joined by Tom Recchion of Doo-Dooettes, LAFMS incorporated free improvisation, modular synthesizers, tape music, sampling, musique concrète, homemade instruments, noise, mail art and avant-rock in permissive and anarchic sessions at the Raymond Building and Poo-Bah Record Shop in old Pasadena. Inspired by The Residents, LAFMS self-released records and periodicals, organized performances and connected with fellow outsiders via post in the years before punk. Their uninhibited, egalitarian ideal of music-making and DIY distribution would influence generations of underground musicians.

LAFMS primarily reached outside Los Angeles via word-of-mouth and the United States Postal Service, foreshadowing the self-publishing and cassette trading networks of post-punk and industrial subcultures. In 1976, Joe Potts solicited recordings from LAFMS affiliates and admirers to edit and compile I.D. Art #2, utilizing correspondence art's technique of "assemblings." (The first installment in this series was a magazine, and the third was a coloring book.) Potts received dozens of pieces by members of Le Forte Four, Doo-Dooettes, Smegma and Ace & Duce as well as painters, filmmakers and non-artists with few recording credits to their name, creating a delirious, winking sound-art collage of field recordings, voicemails and improvisations. Participants purchased time on the record and received one copy each of the finished LP, realizing the philosophy contained in LAFMS' motto: "The music is free, but you have to pay for the plastic, paper, ink, glue and stamps."

This first-time vinyl reissue is limited to 500 numbered copies.