Irreversible Entanglements
Open The Gates
International Anthem
160g black vinyl, heavyweight reverse-board gatefold jacket, obi strip, dome-patterned inner-sleeves
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1Open The Gates
2Keys To Creation
3Lagrimas Del Mar
4Storm Came Twice
5Water Meditation
6The Six Sounds
7The Port Remembers

Here come Irreversible Entanglements – Luke Stewart, the high priest on bass; Aquiles Navarro, the electric universe in human form on trumpet; Keir Neuringer, the cosmologist with the siren sound on sax; Tcheser Holmes, the griot, the myth-maker on drums; and Camae Ayewa, the Moor mother with an empyrean pen game – on this new disc with their fierce aural tectonics shifting the earth, their watery post-pangea as dirge, their punk rock ethos and crash and bang polyrhythmic super-sonic sound synesthesia in the form of OPEN THE GATES.