David Allred
Driving Through the Aftermath of a Storm on a Clear Day
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LP (clear)
Edition of 300 copies, silk-screened sleeve
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1Wave 2:32
2New Gravity 3:33
3Sunbeam 2:40
4Lizard in the Spring 1:33
5Driving 4:44
6Portland Nursery 2:42
7Sweet Potato 3:36
8Potato 1:37
9Dandelion 2:06
10Dat Hibiscus 4:07
11Daylight 2:19

Ambient folk musician and experimental composer from Portland, Oregon David Allred returns to Belgium-based Dauw Label with a full length record, Driving Through the Aftermath of a Storm on a Clear Day. The underlying theme of this music is about exercising calm and learning to find it in the aftermath of all situations. These modern classical compositions are primarily centered around felt piano, strings, brass, tape, voices, synthesizers, guitars, percussion, etc. with methodical dynamic dub-inspired experimental arrangements throughout.

David Allred is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and sound engineer based in Portland, Oregon. While primarily working and touring internationally as a solo artist, David has also released music under various collaborative projects such as Allred & Broderick (with Peter Broderick) and Good Enough for Grandpa (with Greg Eldridge). David has additionally appeared on works by Heather Woods Broderick, Lubomyr Melnyk, Masayoshi Fujita, Chantal Acda, Brigid Mae Power, Birger Olsen, Jung Body, St. Tsunami, The Beacon Sound Choir, etc.