Akiko Yano
Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
24p colour booklet, gatefold w/ OBI
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1Ai Ga Nakucha Ne
2Kanashikute Yarikirenai
3What's Got In Your Eyes
4Oishii Seikatsu
5Michi De Battari
6Onnatachiyo Otokotachiyo
7Aisuru Hito Yo
8Sleep On My Baby
9Another Wedding Song
10Donnatokimo Donnatokimo Donnatokimo
11Good Night

Akiko Yano cult classic recorded in 1982 and co-produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Featuring the group Japan, the album includes additional recording in Tokyo with YMO and is mixed by Steve Nye and Shinichi Tanaka. The reissue includes a new introduction by Mac DeMarco and a dual interview with Akiko Yano and Steve Jansen by journalist Paul Bowler. The audio remastered from the Original tapes by Mitsuo Koike.