Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft
A Heart So White
Melody As Truth
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1The Pearl 7:00
2Allegation 2:16
3Guilt Or Fear 8:19
4Nothing Ever Really Happens 1:37
5A Heart So White 4:16
6Into The Half Light 6:27
7Betrayal 1:41
8Knife 9:13
9Some Water 5:44

Three years on from their debut collaborative album “Passive Aggressive“, Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft return with their second full length album, “A Heart So White”.

“A Heart So White” represents a continuation of the working philosophy adopted during the recording of their debut; immersion in an unfamiliar recording environment with a limited set of tools and the goal of exploring the possibilities that lie within these limitations.

The album was written and recorded in the Willem Twee Concertzaal, a converted synagogue in Den Bosch, Holland. Whilst “Passive Agressive” explored virtual instruments and environments, “A Heart So White” shifts the focus to acoustic instrumentation, breath, air and physical space. Using the hall’s mechanical drawer organ and Steinway piano, the pair craft a delicately balanced suite of compositions, stripping things back to reveal the bare essence of their shared musical language.