Lesser Known
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1Song 1 2:56
2Feels Like Heaven 4:32
3Fools Paradise 3:24
4Rio 5:10
5Lights Out 2:46
6Relax the Mind 4:38
7Another World 5:20
8Electric Eel 7:03
9The Meadows 3:20

Lesser Known is the 2nd album by Baltimore and Wham City resident Adventure - 24 year old North Carolina native Benny Boeldt. Where a mostly instrumental (save for a few dialogue samples from Bladerunner!), curbed tonal range pervaded the debut LP, on his newest release Benny has brightened up his sound, adding soaring synth blasts and maximalist flourishes a la M83.

The airy snare and pulsing bass that open the album act as a fanfare, like Adventure welcoming the listener into the spacious new environment of ‘Lesser Known’. His aesthetic remains grounded in the 1980s, but the songs sound more like retro-futuristic radio hits than the arcade conjuring modulations of his first release. On tracks like “Fool’s Paradise” and “Smoke and Mirrors,” Boeldt splits the difference between New Order and Nu Shooz, creating a sound that could please even the most cynical bedroom moper while gratifying any party-goer who’s simply looking to dance.

Those fearing a record of wistful 80s pop facsimiles will be pleased to hear tunes like “Relax the Mind” and “Lights Out” connecting the dots that link Giorgio Moroder and his modern hit-making scion Dr. Luke. Dance beats permeate the bulk of ‘Lesser Known’, but the two closing songs introduce pensive atmospheres, perhaps laying the framework for Boeldt’s future musical ventures.